What insurances do you take?

We take many medical and vision insurance plans. For our complete list of insurances, see our insurances page.

Do you take Medicaid?

Yes we do! See the complete list of insurances we accept on our insurances page.

Are you accepting new patients?

Yes!  Feel free to make an appointment.


Can I make an appointment for my child?

Absolutely! All children should have their first eye exam before the age of 5. Dr. Harrison is our Pediatrics Optometrist on staff and has an impressive array of experience in pediatric eye care.

Who can bring my child to an appointment?

You may authorize any adult over the age of 18 to bring your child to the appointment. See our unattended minors policy for details and make sure they bring the release form with them to the appointment.

What are your prices for glasses?

We carry a very large range of frames and lenses at is able to fit any budget. Swing by our Optical to see our variety!

Dilation & Eye Exams

Do I need to bring my glasses for my exam?

If you own glasses, yes. Whether you love or hate your current glasses prescription, any information provides us will help produce a fantastic pair of lenses for your eyes.

Will my eyes be dilated?

The American Academy of Optometry recommends dilation every 1-2 years for healthy eyes. If you have a personal or family history of ocular disease, may need to be dilated more often. If you are new to our practice, we recommend dilation even if you have had one in the last 12 months.

Glasses Prescriptions

Which doctor is the best?

Each doctor at our practice has a unique background. Check out their biographies here and our reviews to determine which doctor would best fit your needs

May I get a copy of my prescription?

Yes! If your prescription is not expired, we are happy to provide a copy for you. If your prescription has expired, you will need an examination to have it updated.

Do you accept outside prescriptions?

Yes! Swing by our office with a copy of your prescription and any insurance you would like to use. While our optical does not require appointments, we recommend swinging by earlier in the day to avoid the afternoon crowd.

Contact Lenses

Why do I have to have a contact lens evaluation if I already wear contact lenses?

All prescriptions have expiration dates because a prescription that may be right for you one year can be harmful to you the next. Our bodies and eyes are constantly in flux as we age. A contact lens evaluation for an established contact lens wearer is to evaluate the tissue’s response to contact lens wear and make appropriate recommendations to maintain the health and well-being of your eyes.

What is the difference between my glasses prescription and contact lens prescription?

Your glasses prescription power is designed to sit 12mm in front of your eyes. Your contact lens prescription power is designed to sit directly on the surface of the eyes. For many people, this can cause their glasses and contact lens prescription powers to be very different. Additionally, due to the different plastics and molds utilized to make each lens is unique, your contact lens prescription must indicate the brand of contact lens, the base curve, and diameter.