Urgent Same Day Eye Care in Rio Rancho

If you have any symptoms of a medical problem such as scratchy eyes, itchy eyes, swelling, crust, flashes, or floaters, we recommend seeing us for an urgent care visit for evaluation and treatment. City of Vision Eye Care can perform in office treatments for viral infections, removal of foreign objects, or prescribe antibiotics as needed. Take a look at some of the most common urgent care visit conditions below.

We Take Most Medical Insurances

City of Vision Eye Care accepts these medical insurance for urgent care services. Please visit the complete list or call for any insurance questions.


Dry Eye

There are many causes for dry eye, however you should see us if your dry eye is sudden. We can offer a variety of treatments.

Foreign Body Removal

New Mexico’s windy weather often sends dust and debris in the air. If you have dust or debris in your eye, contact us for immediate treatment.

Pink Eye

Pink eye causes range from a typical viral infection to shingles. If you have pink eye, give us a call today and we can help alleviate the pain.

Flashes & Floaters

If you wake up with flashes or floaters that won’t go away, something serious may be occurring. Contact us today to get it checked out.


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