COVID-19 is surging through New Mexico as we continue through the flu season and enter into 2021. While City of Vision Eyecare has always taken the coronavirus pandemic very seriously, we have further ramped up our precautionary measures.  Based on the most up-to-date clinical results, you will see the following in our office:

HEPA Air Filter

High Efficiency Portable Air (HEPA) Filters

As you enter City of Vision Eye Care you may notice many of these desktop filtration units at every station and throughout the lobby.  While air filters in general are always helpful, these HEPA filters remove 99.97% of smoke, dust, pollen, and particles smaller than the COVID virus. These units have a range of approximately 8 feet around them and will filter air within that area every 12 minutes or 5 times every hour.

In addition to a 6-foot social distancing rule between other masked patients and staff, these HEPA air filters will help cut the risk of COVID-19 transmission substantially.



100% Mask Wear

All City of Vision Eye Care employees and doctors can be seen wearing high grade 3-layered surgical masks, 4-layered KN95 masks, or 5-layered NIOSH N95s. As part of our commitment to safe business operations, we do not wear any home made or cloth masks to ensure the highest level of protection to our patients. Additionally, all incoming patients at City of Vision are always recommended to mask.

Large Sneeze Guards

Where possible, physical barriers have been placed to reduce face to face air flow. Combined with mask wear and HEPA filters, ventilation is highly controlled when patients and staff are unable to obtain greater than 6 feet of social distance between them.

Reduced Capacity with Social Distancing

The number one way to battle COVID is to social distance. We have multiple safety protocols in place to allow for minimal person to person overlap:

  1. No waiting room – once checked in for your appointment, you are immediately moved out of the waiting room to prevent patient traffic
  2. Glasses consultations, adjustments, and repairs by appt only – Every examination is concluded with a consultation with our glasses department. If you wish to come back later, we ask that you schedule an appointment with our glasses department just like you would with our doctors. This allows us to prevent having a crowded waiting area.
  3. Patients may stay in pairs of 2 during their visit. Due to the limited size of our clinic, we do not have the ability to have more than 1 extra person in the exam room. There is no waiting room available for unattended minors or other guests so we ask that you make prior arrangements for them before your exam.

If you or a loved one is high risk, we recommend requesting our last appointment slot in the mornings or evenings as there are fewer individuals in the office. We hope that you can enjoy your office visit and glasses consultation under the safest conditions we can create for you.  Contact us via e-mail using this form, or text (505) 892-8411

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