Pioneering Eyewear Diversity: City of Vision Welcomes Native Visions Eyewear

We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our optical: Native Visions eyewear!

Native Visions is more than just a collection of frames;  it’s a celebration of indigenous artistry and heritage. Each pair is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, showcasing vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and artistic embellishments that pay homage to indigenous culture and artistry.

What makes the arrival of Native Visions particularly significant to us at City of Vision is its emphasis on representation. We believe that everyone deserves eyewear that not only enhances their vision but also reflects their unique identity and culture. By introducing Native Visions to our optical, we are proud to provide our patients with a diverse range of options that truly celebrate their individuality.

As the only independent optometry practice in the state of New Mexico to carry Native Visions, we are honored to be at the forefront of promoting inclusivity and cultural diversity in eyewear. We are committed to offering our patients a curated selection of frames that not only meets their visual needs but also empowers them to express their heritage and personal style with pride.

Native Visions Eyewear is an optical frame line dedicated to giving a voice to true Native American Artists.  Each frame is designed by a Native American Artist, giving them a magnificent medium to share their vision and the wearer a strong voice to express themselves. We are proud to partner with these talented artists and will remain committed to developing and promoting Native American Arts and Artists.

~Native Vision


We invite you to visit our optical and experience the beauty of Native Visions for yourself. From bold designs to subtle elegance, there’s something for everyone in this extraordinary collection. Plus, with its unique artistic embellishments, Native Visions frames are even more stunning in person.

Come explore the collection today and discover eyewear that is a significant part of our commitment to offering inclusive eyewear options for everyone.

At City of Vision Eye Care, we are a family and consider it a privilege to provide for your eye care needs.


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