What are Flashes & Floaters in the Eye?

Floaters are shadows that are cast inside our eyes when light enters the eye just the right way. These shadows can be caused by normal cellular material such as blood cells moving through your veins or large pieces of proteins floating inside your eye. Unfortunately, floaters can also be caused by something as dangerous as a retinal hole, tear, or detachment. If you are having new floaters, we recommend coming in for an urgent dilation to determine if your floaters are normal or if you are having a retinal detachment.

Flashes are quick lights that occur at the edge of vision. This can be caused by migraines or by cells that are being stimulated inside the eye. If you are having flashes, this may be a sign that something is pulling at the retina. We recommend urgent dilation to determine if there are any areas of your retina being torn if you are having quick light flashes.

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