Foreign Object in Eye

Image Courtesy Dr. Amy Wardell

What’s in my Eye?

Occasionally metal debris from grinding, wood splinters from landscaping, or even glitter gets stuck in the eye. New Mexico’s windy weather contributes to this, especially during tumbleweed season. If you’re having trouble flushing out debris in the eye, we can help. Foreign objects should be removed from the eye as soon as possible to prevent an infection. If you believe you have metal in the eye, don’t wait! Metal can rust in the eyes within one day.

Removal of Foreign Object

Most people think they’ll need to head to the emergency room in the case of something being stuck in the eye. However, unless there is significant trauma to the eye, City of Vision Eye Care can remove the foreign object for you. If you have a foreign object stuck in your eye, give us a call or use the contact form below to make an appointment. We are usually able to see you same day and we take most medical insurance.

Make an Appointment with us for a Foreign Object Removal

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